Thursday, June 21, 2012

First Anniversary the Second

When we celebrated our anniversary the past weekend, we spent the night at the most beautiful and well-known luxury hotel in St. Paul.  The hubby knew I'd always wanted to stay there (and never had it remotely in my budget), so he saved up and reserved us a room--isn't that the sweetest?!  Then he took me to an upscale French restaurant within walking distance of our hotel.  What I actually wore that night was this gorgeous vintage 80s-does-50s-does-30s (haha) emerald green cocktail dress...but we were having so much fun together that I totally blanked on taking outfit photos until it was too dark to get any good ones :( 

So instead, I offer photos of the outfit I wore the next morning when we hit up a neighborhood coffee shop for a light lunch before making the grad party circuit for the day.  We snuggled up in bed too long that morning and were kinda in a rush at this point (oops), so these aren't the best photos either (somehow managed a shot that got every part of the scarf that doesn't have the pretty floral pattern)--but you can get the general idea!

By the way, what I ate at that delicious French restaurant will forever remain fondly in my memory.  It was sooooo exquisitely delicious and really delightful to eat 'cause it was plated gourmet style with all those lovely artistic structures of food and drizzles of sauce :)  I had a "Composition of Peas"...a small shot of pea soup with white truffle froth served in a cappucino cup, a tiny short stack of pea pancakes doused in buttery orange and ginger syrup, and five little homemade pea raviolis with dwarf spring vegetables and a light creamy sauce.  Everything was perfectly textured, just melted right into my mouth silky smooth and so rich in flavour!!!  My mouth waters just thinking about it.  Oh that I had gotten photos, silly me!!!

<3 Cambria


  1. Happy Anniversary! Im the same way about taking outfit shots in the moment. I totally forget of take really quick sloppy ones lol.

  2. Happy anniversary, Cambria! How sweet of your hubby to reserve a stay at a fabulous hotel. And your dinner sounds wonderful :)

    The Tiny Heart

  3. Great post: I like these pictures so much!!
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  4. Oh how fun to stay in a fancy hotel! Your dinner sounds amazing! And you look so cute in your next day outfit!

  5. This outfit is gorgeous, I love the red skirt with this top. Such a pretty combination!!
    And omg that food sounds deliiiiicious!!!

  6. that meal sounds divine! and your next day outfit is fun and flirty! i love it. you will have to wear the green dress again soon and take pictures!

  7. Your husband is so sweet :)
    I love your outfit and that skirt looks really good!

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  8. He is so cute :) And I love your outfit, perfect retro vibe!

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  10. What a chic, continental look. And memories of great meals are always fond.

  11. Cambria, I must first say that the description of your food has made me very hungry... it sounds waaaaay too delicious ;))

    And this is such a darling outfit on you!! The colours are so pretty and the styling is spot-on with the scarf and belt... you look so lovely as always. Oh and I've worked out who you've always reminded me of!! Anyone told you that you look like Ellen Page? (I apologise if you're always hearing that, but maybe you haven't...???) Plus I absolutely LOVE her!!

    Catherine x

  12. this is a very chic outfit and your waist is so tiny! looking good missy! PS your yummy French meal sounds delicious.

  13. Your husband knows how to treat a lday! You lucky duck, haha ^^ He sure is lucky too, with a wife that dresses so beautifully :) Congratulations on your first anniversary :D x

  14. So glad that you two got to enjoy some special time together! It sounds lovely! And this outfit is absoute perfection. It has such an sophiscated charm about it. And love the colors paired together!


  15. soo lovely! fabulous and beautiful!

  16. I love the lace stripes on the top!

  17. A very Happy Anniversary! sounds like the sweetest and truly memorable one. Stunningly adorable outfit, love that skirt! The restaurant sounds really fantastic, I like your descriptions :)

  18. I love your vintage inspired style. This outfit is so adorable and the scarf is what just tops it off. So pretty. Sounds like you had fun too!

    Cup of Tea

  19. You look gorgeous!

    Your husband sounds like a really nice man. I'm sure that vintage dress looked fabulous.

  20. seriously, you just get cuter by the second. loving this vintage inspired outfit!
    xo TJ

  21. Happy anniversary! This is such a cute look and I love your skirt :)

  22. Where is your gorgeously colored skirt from? It is the perfect shade of autumnal red, if I do say so myself.

    Happy (belated) anniversary! Sounds like you had a lovely day! :)

    1. It is actually from Forever's such a nice rich blood red I just couldn't resist it!

      <3 Cambria

  23. st. paul ... as in, the twin cities, minnesota? because if so, i'm from minnesota too! this is so exciting! i love finding minnesota bloggers!! (you're my second one i've found.)
    just for that, i'm officially suscribed! oh, and because i think your blog is so stinkin' cute!


  24. awww sounds like you had a lovely time! And ooo the food you ate at the French restaurant sounds so yummy, I love the long description of it. Made my mouth water just reading it!

    And I really like the cute outfit, especially the scarf :)

  25. i love the way you describe how delicious the food was :) you're sweet :)) look lovely in this outfit.

  26. My lovely Cambria!
    You left such a sweet-sweet comment, it really was awesome to read sth like that, thank you sooo much!
    I have looked through your many gorgeous posts, I find them really sweet and the fact you had an anniversary it's awesome, maybe I'm late but I wish you the best wishes!
    I didn't know even before you had a husband, you seem to be so happy with him. I hope that one day I'll find also someone that special. I always admire such sweet couples. Those photos you had in your anniversary post were beyond gorgeous! I mean you looked perfect on your wedding day, I would like to be also such perfection on mine if it ever comes.
    I love this skirt, it's so sweet! You look so fresh and a bit vintage, love it!

    Much Love,
    J. -

  27. Hello gorgeous- you look so pretty in these pics... and I LLLOOOOVVVEE that skirt - beautiful color and style!


  28. Loving the red with the nude top and the cinched in waist!! Glad you two love birds had such a great time!!

  29. That is so sweet of your husband, hope you guys had a wonderful anniversary! You look super cute in this red skirt. That dinner sounds so yummy and is making me hungry! :)

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  30. That's so sweet, I hope mine will do that too ;-) I love your outfit, it looks so classy and chic!
    And thanks so much for your comments some days ago, I'm a little behind with answering, so sorry for that! Yes, that's probably true, the opera and concerts are the perfect place to wear special things... But well, I'm going to concerts/events/ opera so often, that I just can't wear every time the most special things, because I can't afford buying always such special things... But I'm already looking and trying on, I'll tell you as soon as I found a gorgeous pair (or two)!

    xxx Anita

  31. So pretty! Love the whole look! :)

    ox from NYC!


  32. lovely outfit! the details of the tee are gorgeous!

  33. your hubby is awesome!!! can we clone him. LOL there needs to be more thoughtful guys out there like him. glad you had a great time. LOVE your outfit! Those two colors look fabulous together.

  34. Awww, it sounds like a super romantic time! Don't you look darling? It's totally okay to slack on the outfit photos for some quality snuggle time. That scarf is adorable. And I wish I could see that multi-decade dress! It sounds intense.

    May the force be with you.

  35. Sounds like you had a lovely time! I really like the addition of the scarf and clutch to this look.

  36. Awh what a sweet little escape!! I totally know what you mean about having so much fun that you forget to take pictures. My boyfriend and I just had our housewarming party over the weekend and I got so caught up in the moment that I hardly got any pictures. I suppose getting caught up in the moment is a good thing though!! I love the detail on your shirt and your clutch is adorable. Your meal sounds divine!! I think I'll be a food critic in my next life :P XO

  37. Well Maybe next year you will remember to take pics;)
    Sound like you had a good time

    Ariane xxx

  38. Where did you get those shoes? So cute!

    Love that you are living in dresses and skirts this summer. If it warmed up enough in Seattle, I would follow suit!

    Happy Anniversary!

    Cable Car Couture


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