Sunday, February 24, 2013

"Joyful Bring There and Sing"

It's been a very  swell week indeed...

mostly because of the absolutely marvelous and swank vintage event at the Minneapolis Institute of Art.  Miss Lori and I had a girls' night out together, put on our best duds, and headed downtown to Minnesota's most fabulous museum.  Loved strolling the galleries together perusing fine art -- and strolling the lobby together perusing fine fashion!

I wore my vintage green cocktail dress and layered a tulle petticoat over to get that old Hollywood glamour -- and then threw on some seamed stocking and pearls 'cause a girl just has to be authentic :)  The most fun thing ever was doing my hair 50s style...especially because it gave me the opportunity to use some pearl combs that belonged to my grandma.

Then Lori and I hit up the photo booth and grabbed some of the fun vintage props (thanks to our blogging friends over at Two Birds!!!)...definitely got a few winning photos in this sequence!!!

Aaaand even more fun...we got to meet up with a couple other Minnesota bloggers and fashionistas (visit my new friend Erin at her blog, Babes in Thriftland)!!!  I'm always a nervous wreck meeting fellow style bloggers for the first time -- and when I'm nervous, I gab my tongue to pieces-- but these girls were so sweet and funny, we really hit it off!  Just check those silly photos and happy smiles :)  Now we're thinking we just might start up a vintage luncheon club...

And just a quick final shot to show you my hairdo handiwork...of which I am QUITE proud, I must say.
  (At risk of sounding totally stuck up -- please believe I'm not -- I just have to share the excitement that I ended up with my picture in a Twin Cities newspaper and an offer to model for a local designer -- totally unexpected and fun!)  

<3 Cambria
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  1. You look fantastic and I love your hair! Congrats on the great news!
    Kw ladies in navy

  2. You look amazing! Truly from another era! :)

  3. very cute dress!

  4. This looks like so much fun!! I love your dress, it's absolutely goooorgeous!

  5. This event looks like sooo much fun! I love what you wore to it and your hair looks fantastic :)

  6. Very nice! outfit! The green dress is amazing from head-to-toe.

  7. Oh my goodness Cambria - you look absolutely gorgeous in that dress!

    The Other Side of Gray

  8. You and Lori are so darn cute! I'm sad I missed it! We need to do another MN blogger meet up :)
    Pearls & Paws

  9. Fabulous party attire, Cambria! You rock this look!

  10. You both looked soooo cute! I am still sad to have missed that event, but so happy I got to spend time with the two of you on Saturday, it was so fun! And if you're starting a vintage luncheon group I definitely want in on that!! :)

  11. You look so gorgeous in that green dress!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  12. What a fun event! You looked so pretty, and I love the photobooth pics :)

  13. Ooh lala! How cute did you look!! Looks like such a swell time and I adore your hair too.

  14. You are entirely too pretty. Grrrr.... But I adore you anyways! If I didn't know you and I saw a picture of you in this stunning ensemble, I would think it was taken decades ago. You look so glamorous and perfect for a vintage party. I love you in green. I've been trying desperately to find the perfect emerald green dress for myself, but to no avail.

    May the force be with you.

    P.S. I love your vocabulary. (swell, swank, etc.)

  15. Cambria, you two had a BLAST! You both looked lovely. Fabulous dress pretty girl! Awesome event.

  16. Amazing pics! And I love the event:)

  17. Wow! What an amazing evening! You should be so proud, and I hope you'll keep us posted. Meeting blogging friends in real life is such a rewarding experience.

  18. That is some great hair-handiwork, i must say. You really nailed the 50's look!


  19. ahh you look SO amazing. That dress is so beautiful on you!! Looks like it was a blast!

  20. Looks like such a fun time!

  21. Fabulous dress! I love the emerald.


  22. Looks like it was the most incredible event! Your dress is fabulous and perfect for the evening! I just love your hairstyle!


  23. This looks like you had the most fun time! What fantastic photo, you look so radiant, beautiful outfit!

  24. thanks for your comment on my blog. i appreciate the little feedback. you look gorgeous and i love your hair :)

  25. I had so much fun and I'm so glad we were able to go together even if I did feel entirely under dressed compared to your epic awesomeness!!!!

    Can we please please please figure out our next get together time asap?! I have a zumba class on Saturday morning (10 am) that I'm going to with some friends and i'd love if you could join's $5 if you bring a friend and I could totally be your friend if we have an odd you could meet my momma and how cool is that?! ROFL...but seriously, it would be most excellent to see you!

    Also also, giveaway on my blog this week-Shabby Apple...there are a million dresses on there that scream Cambria!!!!

    XO Lori

  26. oh, wow! looks soo lovely :)


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